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Global Chemi-Pharma Producers Directory
Global Chemi-Pharma Producers Directory
Global Chemi-Pharma Producers Directory
The Directory of Global Chemi- Pharma Producers (GCPPD) is the most extensive database of chemical raw materials and producers available online. It is a real time-sensitive information in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. You will have access to a valuable information to support your chemical sourcing needs. Our GCPPD database will help you gain a competitive edge in the market. You will find the vital information a few clicks away. It includes….
1) 88,000 product titles
2) 44,000 cross reference titles
3) 10,000 manufacturers in 98 countries around the world with their e-mail addresses.
4) 75,000 CAS (Chemical Abstracts Registry)numbers
It contains manufacturers of all classes of chemicals including, but not limited to….
1) Bulk Pharmaceuticals
2) Specialty chemicals
3) Agricultural chemicals
4) Food ingredient chemicals
5) Dyes and its intermediates
6) General laboratory chemicals
7) Research chemicals
8) Resins
9) Fragrance and flavor chemicals
10) Organic and inorganic chemicals
11) Pestisides
It focuses on manufacturers of chemicals produced in a plant or at semi-commercial scale. The GCPPD can be used to find producers of virtually any chemical worldwide.
We can list/ download all the data------
1) Product wise
2) Chemical Name wise
3) CAS Registry Number wise
4) Country wise
5) Manufacturer wise
We believe that accurate information is a key to success in the chemical industry. That's why we are always improving the quality of our databases and the tools we offer to our users. The information contained herein has been obtained from reliable sources and highly accurate. Due to the possibility of human or mechanical/software error involved in a compilation of this size, we cannot take liability for the correctness of the information on which they are based. If you come across any errors, we would appreciate if these were brought to our attention.
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